Into the Wilds: Natural Navigation

DATE: 3/20/21

LOCATION: Jefferson Equestrian Area. Jefferson Rd, Thonotosassa, FL

The Yushi’s quest will take you into the trackless Wilds. This adventure teaches you the principles and basic skills of natural navigation. Using your new skills, attempt to locate the Tanukis’ Lair.  Will you find it…and will you get back?  You’re Shidosha will be by your side the entire time to help if you need it.  But it may cost you points!

People have moved from place to place over vast distances without the aid of smartphones, compasses, or maps. While some systems are very complex, the basics are easy to learn. You can find your way in the Wilds as well as the concrete jungle using these simple techniques. Once the skills become habit, you won’t have to remember where you parked ever again. You’ll be able to find it naturally.

During this adventure, you’ll:

  • walk on natural surfaces at your pace
  • receive personalized instruction in natural navigation
  • practice various skills of natural navigation in a supervised environment

TIME: 09:00am – 11:00am.

LEVEL: Tanuki

MAX XP: 100



  • Register in advance so we can inform you of last minute changes.
  • Ability to walk on uneven terrains (pace will be slow)
  • Ability to function in outdoor temperatures 30°+ C (90°+ F)
  • Ability to see and hear.

Things to Consider:

  • Your feet may get wet and muddy.
  • There will be mosquitoes and other insects/wildlife.
  • Water is not available at this location. Bring your own to drink while we’re out.

◊If you are uncertain that you are physically able to participate in this event, please contact us for more information and consult your doctor.◊

◊Nature is accessible for everyone, with the right preparation. If you use adaptive devices and would like to know if this adventure is suitable for you, please contact us.◊


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