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For those of us with sensory issues it can be difficult to find comfortable places to enjoy the world.  Whether PTSD, autism, ADHD, or any other condition, knowing what to expect can make all the difference. Sensorate provides a free rating system to understand and match a place to your personality based on sight, sound, smell, and feel.

Because of the diversity of sensitivities, the Sensorate system covers the full spectrum of a sense. Instead of rating amount of stimulation alone, Sensorate gives you descriptions of various sense categories. Maybe loud noises aren't your issue, but sudden sounds don't work. Or maybe your child needs hi contrast visual stimulation, but is distracted by too much activity. Sensorate can help you find that.

All reviews are compiled by verified reviewers and curated to ensure you get REAL results you can trust.

Sensorate Reviews

DISCLAIMER: While we carefully design our survey instrument and verify our reviewers, the reviews provided are the opinions of the reviewer and are not necessarily those of Sensorate or EteamSVC. We make no guarantee that anyone will experience those same conditions.

ORIGIN story

Sensorate is created by and for people with sensory issues. The idea came when we took a trip to a small town during a time online reviews listed as being the least busy of the year. When we got there, it was like a crowded theme park. I was so overstimulated and on edge. The trip was nearly ruined.

Then we found a place with a totally different vibe, quiet, spaced out, staff who were aware of the chill vibe we needed and spoke in gentle tones. While spending several hours and a good deal of money there, the idea occurred to us, why isn't there a rating system for THIS?

And when we couldn't find one, we made it.
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