Mostly Not Untrue Tour

DATE: 4/17/21

LOCATION: Begins at Water Works Park, .  Ends at intersection of Franklin St and Polk St. The Urban Jungle holds many adventures too.  Tampa is an old city rich in history, but the history is often overrun by Curse-blinded rapid redevelopment.  Walk in the footsteps of Tampa’s obscure and forgotten history before the Curse sweeps it away entirely.  But beware, things are not always what they seem.  A Yushi must be able to discern truth in all its guises.  You’ll learn about oral story tradition and how they can be used to communicate across time.  Like all oral history, these tales will leave you pretty sure some of it couldn’t have happened just that way, but not quite sure where to draw the lines! Your task is to spot fact from fiction. Your Shidosha will go over your guesses at the end and you’ll see how close you were. If you prefer not to know, that’s ok too. We’ll let you know before the spoilers. NOTE: To maintain physical distance, the number of attendees at this event is restricted.  Reserve your spot now!

 During this adventure, you’ll:

  • walk on paved and grassy surfaces at your pace
  • hear mostly not untrue stories of obscure Tampa history
  • enjoy Tampa’s beautiful, walkable Downtown
TIME: 5:00pm – 7:00pm. LEVEL:  Tanuki XP: NA


  • Reservations required so we can inform you of last minute changes.
  • Ability to walk on prepared terrain (pace will be slow).
  • Ability to function in outdoor temperatures.
  • Ability to walk in the dark under mostly artificial lighting.
Things to Consider:
  • It will be getting dark, so insect repellent is advised.
  • Several opportunities for drinking water will be available along the route.
◊If you are uncertain that you are physically able to participate in this event, please contact us for more information and consult your doctor.◊  ◊Nature is accessible for everyone, with the right preparation.  If you use adaptive devices and would like to know if this adventure is suitable for you, please contact us.◊


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