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Jonah is an author and adventurer based in central Florida. A modern Romantic, when he isn't writing, he's exploring the Wilds or reading voraciously with an appetite for uplifting fiction. He is currently seeking publication for his first novel, Glass Dogs.   He speaks English, Japanese, as well as some Spanish and Scots. He lived in Japan for two separate periods and was recipient of the Foreign Ministers' Commendation from the Japanese national government in 2016. This international perspective colors his writing in a synthesis of cultures that is far from stereotypical.   Writing credentials include 15 years writing and producing newsletters, educational publications, website copy, and technical documents for government agencies. Jonah has also published essays and articles in various periodicals and compilations such as JETwit and Bay Soundings. One essay regarding his experiences in Japan won him a trip to Japan to meet with government officials regarding cultural sharing.   Jonah is a survivor of developmental trauma (cptsd). His writing is very much an extension of himself. He seeks to connect with readers through their own experiences and transcend the words on the page so the reader feels engaged in creating the story, inhabiting the characters, and conversing with the author.   As an adventurer, he has scaled peaks, slogged jungles, and sounded depths. To merge his love for story and adventure, Jonah also operates a small program called Yushido Adventures that helps people connect to the world and discover themselves through Wilderness and folklore.

Glass Dogs it can't be other than ok

Have you ever seen a Glass Dog? I can tell by your reaction you haven't. But that's not your fault. Most Lower Country eyes haven't yet grown real enough to perceive Glass. Closest to the Majikal origin, Glass is crystal clear reality; the strongest of elements, yet supple. It roots in various parts of people where deep pain has produced the richest soil. As they change, they become a painted pony of Glass and Earth, or Water, or Ether, as the case may be. Glass is the purest form of matter and grows whether one wants it or not. One must embrace this to understand its lore, and release it to see its power. If they are totally willing to choose reality, unfiltered and wild, they come to know that in spite of all the pain, suffering, injustice, illusion, and the unclouded Glass-fact reality, things truly can't be other than ok.

Join a Glass Dog as he enters the Lower Country on a quest...if he can remember it...if it even exists...if he even exists. Discover the lore of the elements, the nature of Majik, and a boy who doesn't yet know his own legend. But be warned: Majik can't be contained in a book. If you engage these pages, you will never be the same.

Combining the classic Romantic Era fairy tale with modern science, and a visual style, Glass Dogs explores the nature of reality, suffering, and hope. Written from the perspective only provided by severe trauma, you'll be challenged, saddened, and uplifted in this fantasy where every word is the very true story of one person's life.

Glass Dogs Stained Glass

Picking up right where Glass Dogs leaves off, rejoin Rat, Nicholas, and Sinde as their quest continues. What is this perverted Ether? What misalignment does it disguise? Who is The Nicholas and will he rise to be worthy of his legend?

Delve much deeper into the Lower Country and see just how low it can go. Majik must realign, but at what cost? Yet every Glass Dog knows they are never truly alone. The band of Tharmenaea grows along with their lore while they face unknown threats in a desperate rescue attempt that is most certainly a trap. The purest elements are only obtained through the fiercest struggle. Are they willing? How about you?

Stained Glass explores what it really means to overcome very real circumstances no one chooses for themselves, told from the perspective only found on the inside. The world looks quite different when basic interpersonal structures are torn apart. But stained glass is all the more beautiful for its impurities.

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