Discover your Super Powers: TOUCH

DATE: 5/15/21

LOCATION: Morris Bridge Park. 13630 Morris Bridge Rd.  Thonotosassa, FL

Touch is the most powerful sense we have, yet we rely on it so little.  This is because what the Curse can’t beat, it causes you to ignore.

Just one inch of skin contains over 1000 nerve endings.  This means your body is covered with a finely tuned array of sensors known as the somatosensory system capable of detecting extremely minute changes in temperature, moisture, and pressure.  Your Shidosha will show you how to access that information and interpret what it’s telling you.  Discover the sensescape around you and learn how to be manage the feedback.  Prepare to be overwhelmed in a whole new world of sensation that will leave you keenly aware of your own super power!  Then test yourself to see how well you can use this newfound power in our sensory competitions.

What’s more, the extremely powerful nature of this sense is the fastest way to influence an interpersonal situation.  One touch can anchor memories and feelings, dissolve psychological dams, and communicate far more than other senses.  You’ll learn to be aware of the messages you send and receive, as well as how to use them to rip through the fog of the Curse.

This is a very powerful adventure where you’ll taste the true power of Yushido.  But don’t worry, your Shidosha guide will keep you from diving too deep too fast.

During this adventure, you’ll:

  • walk on natural surfaces at your pace
  • learn how your sense of touch works and how to access this super power you didn’t know you had
  • play simple games to increase your sensory awareness
  • experience the world in ways you never have before

TIME: 09:00am – 11:00am OR 11:30am – 1:30pm OR 2:00pm – 4:00pm

LEVEL: Tanuki

MAX XP: 100



  • Ability to walk on uneven terrains (pace will be slow)
  • Ability to function in outdoor temperatures 30°+ C (90°+ F)

Things to Consider:

  • You may get wet and muddy.
  • There will be mosquitoes and other insects/wildlife.
  • Water is not available at this location.  Bring your own to drink while we’re out.
  • Parts of the route will be sunny.  Hats, cool clothing, and other protection is advised.

◊If you are uncertain that you are physically able to participate in this event, please contact us for more information and consult your doctor.◊ 

◊Nature is accessible for everyone, with the right preparation.  If you use adaptive devices and would like to know if this adventure is suitable for you, please contact us.◊


  1. Janna T Rolfe

    Hi……I would like to enjoy nature with you all again but I admit I am waiting to see what the weather will be like and if the park with be too muddy from all the storms we have been having this week. I’ve not been to this park and it does look like a nice place to hike and see pretty nature and wildlife

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