Path of the Yushi


Discover Your Super Powers

Most of us only use a fraction of our natural ability.  勇姿 (Yushi) know how to access the abilities the Curse is filtering out.  This three-part series focuses on using vision, hearing, and touch to their fullest.  You'll need these skills in your later adventures and can use them in everyday life.


Into the Wild Series

This three-part series gives you confidence in the Wilds and skills for daily life.  Awaken to the rules of the Wild and your own instincts.  Become adaptable.  Make sure you can always find your way.  This is where you develop your Yushi character and assemble your gear. Onward Tanuki Yushi!  Your destiny awaits!



Kappa's Lair

Yushi must face all fears.  But our skills tell us where caution is needed.  We won't wait for Kappa to find us.  We seek them where few human feet have tred...and make friends!  As if by magic, the Wilds will shift from scary unknown to welcoming home.  Get your first taste of the Wilds and try your Yushi skills in a real setting.

Plains of 黒水 (Kuromizu)

Deep in a region of sun-baked flood-plains lies the Kingdom of Kuromizu sheltered from the sun and nourished by blackwater.  Your task is to find this kingdom and discover its riches.  Be warned, the plains may be dry as a desert or flooded.  You will never know until you venture in.  Will you discover the secrets of this kingdom?

泥炭地 (Deitanchi)- Land of Fire Soil

At one time, Fire Soil existed throughout our land.  Sadly most has been consumed.  Legend tells of one last store that lies hidden and uncorrupted.  Your quest is to verify the existence of this treasure.  But you must remain undetected.  Begin your lessons in stealthcraft as you discover this hidden trove.  You must protect the secrets of Deitanchi!

Road of Ghosts

The jungles of Florida reclaim anything left by humans.  Still, evidence remains to tell the story.  Search for these echoes of humanity.  But the way to them is challenging.  Negotiate obstacles to complete your quest.  Will you find the ruins?  Can you piece together the story whispered by the ghosts of this place?  Challenge your body and mind in this real life mystery.


Spontaneous Paths

Trek into trackless wilds...or are they... Encounter a world apart: imposing cross-shaped thorns, balance courses of cypress logs, intoxicating fields of flowers, and more, as you discover that not all roads are made by humans.  Can you follow them?  To do so, you'll learn to think beyond the bounds of your curse-dulled mind.

Darkest Night

The Curse of Modernity requires a massive life-support system.  Yushi know this is an illusion.  Explore the darkest place in Florida.  Learn to camp lightly and comfortably.  Feel the wind whisper across vast grassy plains.  Drift asleep to choruses of frogs and coyotes.  See more stars than most people ever do.  If you're REALLY lucky, you might even find the blue ghosts!


木霊の森 (Kodama no Mori)

As we move further from the things of man, we also journey deeper within ourselves.  Visit an ancient forest in search of Kodama.  Kodama can only reveal to those who look within and release what holds them back.  Your quest will take a leap forward as this place draws your attention to where the Curse of Modernity has taken root in your deepest parts.

Spirit Walkers
What Jedi represent, Yushi do for real.  Become attuned to the living system around you by combining all your skills at once.  Feel the REAL Force.  This is your Degobah.  The only demons you'll find are the ones you carry with you.  Your experience will be uniquely and privately your own.  But your 指導者 (Shidosha) will be with you and the Wilds will provide what else you need.  Like Ashitaka, you must learn to see through unclouded eyes?


Not For the Faint of Heart

Hidden far from the things of man, in the middle of a deep wild swamp, is a  hidden treasure box.  Challenge your skills like never before as you work together to unravel clues that lead across an array of landscapes to the treasure.  Find it and claim a piece as a token of your success...if you leave one of equal value.  And once you're there, will you be able to get back?

Heart of the Forest

This is the the deepest adventure into the Wilds yet.  Draw from all previous experiences to navigate the Wilds to the mysterious Heart of the Forest where you must set the 四方石 (Shihou Ishi), the rumored Cardinal Stones of the Heart.  It is said that one who sets all stones in order will receive a blessing to their own deepest heart.  Will you receive it?


地獄の平野 (Jigoku no Heiya)

Even Yushi must sometimes simply endure.  This adventure will test your resolve as you spend 2 days and 1 night in the most inhospitable environment in Florida.  If you can still your mind, the magical beauty of this harsh place will reveal itself and you'll leave with a peace that only comes after pitching your tent on the Plains of Hell!



One of the most difficult challenges.  This adventure tests your natural navigation skills.  You've been captured and led on a march deep into unknown terrain.  Seizing a fortuitous moment, you escape.  But where are you?  Now your band of Okami Yushi must work together to get every member back to safety in time to stop the nefarious plans of your captors.  Your Shidosha will be with you the whole time, but hints will cost you.


Up the Creek

You are ready to expand your range.  Far north of our training grounds, lies the Valley of Nearly Perpetual Rain, pulsing with streams and cascades.  You must travel there and learn to cook, sleep, and stay warm where 'dry' does not exist.  Your final test, will be to ascend against the flows to their origin, and bring the very river back as a trophy.


Yushi have to stay fit in body as well as mind and spirit.  From Indy to Rey to Luffy, heroes train their bodies to be ready for anything.  The best way to train for adventures, is to DO them.  So we turn the Wilds into the biggest and best playground imaginable.  These short adventures are themed to your level. Find your own style that matches your unique abilities.  No sets, reps, mirrors, or boredom.  You must complete at least one at each skill level.


Edge of the World

Hike the streets of a forgotten village on the sea of Japan, then up into a seaside cliff.  Wander stone pillars where massive crystal waves crash at your feet, in search of the legendary singing sand where rocks float.  Tanuki and Foxes will watch you pass, but humans will be a rare site.

Lost Shrine of the Falls

Far beyond the tourist routes lies a Japanese village where venerable old men still till fields and tiny grandmothers weave obi.  Stroll this village, then ascend into the Wilds on long forgotten paths in search of a lost shrine hidden within a sacred waterfall.  If you're lucky enough to encounter one of the last remaining caretakers, he may regale you with stories unlike any you will find elsewhere.

中山道 (Nakasendo)

There is a place where 500 year old shops exist just as they did when Samurai rode the streets.  Walk tatami ishi on the ancient highway between Edo and Kyoto through towering mountains and bamboo groves where monkeys stare as you pass.  When you reach the town, you'll be welcomed at an inn as Yushido Explorers.  Experience authentic hospitality reserved only for such honored guests.  This is the LARP of a lifetime...and it's for REAL!