No matter where you start, there is your beginning.

To break the Curse of Modernity and unlock your full potential, you must develop 心と体の調和 (Kokoro to karada no chowa), harmony of mind, body, and spirit.  You must discover all the Curse has taken from you and unite it in its true alignment.  You do this by completing adventures.  As you do, you earn Experience Points (XP).  When you have enough XP, you level up to new challenges and new discoveries.

Welcome to Tanuki Level.

According to legend, Tanuki are cute and mischievous shapeshifters.  They can be found in your own neighborhood, though you may not see them for what they are.  If respected, they will bring blessings.  If mistreated, tricks.  All Yushi begin their quest at Tanuki Level.  You'll come to see just how much the Curse has taken from you and learn skills you need on your quest.  Each Tanuki adventure comes with a Quest Log for you to record what you've learned and track your journey.  These adventures will involve walking on mostly level, paved or well-maintained unpaved surfaces.  Moderate climate.  Around 2 hours of activity.  There are 7 Tanuki adventures.


Kappa Level.

When you have mastered Tanuki skills, you will advance to Kappa.  These adventures take you further into the Wilds.  Kappa live in water where they are known  to pull down unsuspecting people.  But if treated with courtesy and respect...and given cucumbers to eat, they will respond in kind and are known to guard their friends around water.  On these adventures, you will very likely get wet.  These may involve more challenging climate (hotter, colder, wetter, drier, etc). Durations of 2-4 hours.  Slightly difficult terrain.  4 adventures at this level.


Kodama Level.

Kodama are tree spirits that appear only in pristine forests to those who can perceive them.  Your skills are now strong enough to take you where the real majik begins.  These adventures will challenge your mind and heart as well as your body.  Encounter wonders and develop the strength and peace necessary to face your deeper, darker demons.  At this level, we begin to understand that we carry our enemy inside us.  This level consists of walking on unpaved, uneven, or inclined terrain.  Durations may exceed 4 hours.  May involve running, mud, mosquitos, cold, heat, wildlife.  May be overnight.  4 Kodama adventures.

The final level is Okami.

These wolf-like messengers from the spirit world are equally benevolent and dangerous.  You may receive incredible aid or you may be carried beyond this world.  Here your skills will be put to the test.  If you master these adventures, you'll be ready for anything.  This part of your quest contains a real risk of injury.  Difficult or wild terrain.  Potential encounters with dangerous wildlife.  May include long distances and durations.  4 Okami adventures.

The Adventure Continues...

When you've gained enough XP at Okami level, you'll join the ranks of Eteam Adventurers, the 狼勇姿 (Okami Yushi) and receive the right to wear our custom-made, original-design, Yushi Uwagi made by Koneko Sewing.  More than a symbol of your accomplishment, this Adventure Jacket is specially designed to suit the needs of a Yushi Adventurer.

We have recovered what we lost, faced our fears, and broken the Curse of Modernity.  We now walk forward into what new adventures await with united body, mind, and spirit.  We are 仲間 (Nakama), a band of brothers and sisters who are forever bonded by our Okami experiences.  Peaceful warriors, bold and secure, continuing to grow and sharing adventures across the worlds forever after.

This is your destiny, Tanuki Yushi!  Your place beside us is waiting!

How it Works.

When you sign up, you become an official Tanuki Yushi.  You will receive an insignia pin at your first event.  Adventures occur every other weekend.  Adventure Strong sessions are every week.  You must complete all adventures on a level before leveling up, but you can do them in any order.  It is possible to complete all adventures in one year's time.  If you miss one, that's ok.  It will cycle back around.

In addition to the incomparable benefits of living Curse-free, Okami Yushi also gain access to special Nakama-only events and assistance in planning your own custom adventures.


Tanuki:         7 adventures         700 XP
Kappa:          4 adventures         800 XP
Kodama:       4 adventures         1600 XP
Okami:          4 adventures        3200 XP

Yushi must use their bodies well.  So, in addition to the level adventures, you must complete at least one Adventure Strong session at each level.  You can attend as many of these as you like to get better and better.

Adventure Strong:       1 for each level        200 XP

Full List of Adventure Descriptions