About the Environmental Team

Modern society has brought us many good things, not the least of which is this vast system we call the internet.  Many of these things would be viewed as unbelievable wonders to most of human history.  But the development of our society has brought with it unique problems.  Isolation, mental illness, stress, developmental trauma, allergies, even weakening of bones and muscle are increasing to epic levels.  These are things that were also unimaginable to most of human history.

The connection is clear. Visionaries such as Richard Louv and Angela Hascom are documenting it as we speak.  Modern people have lost their connection to the world around them.  At Environmental Team we call this the Curse of Modernity.  Our mission is to help you recognize the effects of the curse and regain what it's taken from you.  Recovery and healing are possible.

All of our adventures are based in observable, testable, scientific and experiential facts.  We use mythical language because story-telling is instinctively rooted in our psychology as a way of passing on complex information.  Few of us will study a textbook and apply it to our lives.  But we love movies, books, games and adventure.  We long for excitement, we cheer heroic deeds and epic romance because this is the very thing we need.

We can't break the Curse using the flawed thinking it creates!  We have to step out of that world for a time and reclaim the powers lying dormant in each of us to become the hero of the story we write each day of our lives.  This is more than an RPG.  More than a LARP.  Yushido is the best of those merged with history and science to become the epic adventure you have been longing for all your life.

If you are reading this, you are already on this journey.  You feel the draw of this quest.  In your deep core, you hear the whisper, "YES!"  But every hero needs two things as they start their quest: a guide to point them on their way, and a fellowship to journey with them.

Frodo had Gandalf and the Fellowship.  Luke had Obiwan, Yoda, and the rebel alliance.  Luffy had Shanks, Rayleigh,  and his crew.  And you have Environmental Team.

I know this to be true firsthand.  I am a survivor of childhood trauma, myself.  I know in amplified ways what the Curse can really mean.  I am also a professional environmental scientist with over 20 years experience.  I've lived in Japan and have strong ties to that culture, which gives depth to our quest as we draw from those rich and mysterious traditions.  I have walked this path long before I began sharing it through Environmental Team.  I assure you it is for real.  The adventures I offer are fun and challenging, in any case.  But if you take the skills and experiences to heart.  You WILL see the Curse for what it is and you WILL overcome it.

The path we offer is only the first volume, the origin story.  Like all epic adventures, the end is nothing more than the beginning of a greater story which you will write yourself with your Nakama: your band, your tribe, that has assembled by your side.

We are waiting for you Yushi!  Let's go!

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