About the Environmental Team

The Environmental Team was founded by John McGee.  John has spent his entire life surrounded by the natural world.  He spent his childhood roaming swamps, forests, mountains, and oceans.  He is also a natural interpreter and organizer, always pulling together groups and making people's off-hand ideas a reality.  When it came time for college, he focused on Environmental Policy at Eckerd College, known for it's broad and interdisciplinary thinking.  He's worked in the Environmental Field for more than 20 years and has managed community-based organizations for 25 years.  Through that time, John has come to understand that many personal and social ills stem from living out of alignment with the world around us.  When we understand how the natural world functions, we learn our place in it.  We learn how to be who we are meant to be.  This results in wellness of mind, body, and spirit.

Our mission is to help people connect with the world around them.  We do this through outdoor experiences, helping you with DIY projects, and providing service opportunities where you can discover how helping others is a great way to help yourself.  We're not talking about misguided romantic notions about native people, nor emotionally driven spiritual nonsense.  We're talking about observable, testable, scientific and experiential facts.  Everything we do is based in principles proven and documented by countless researchers, scholars, doctors, and scientists.

We firmly believe in what we do and the way we do it.  We believe that there is more to the world than money.  So we charge fair prices and donate a full 10% of profits to charities that work directly with people who need aid.  This is how we make things better.  Are you ready to join our team?

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